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DAYGLO ABORTIONS - Out of the womb (Victoria, 1981)

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"another stupendous lp here. this time from from the glorious canadians, the day-glo abortions. this is one frantic wee record here. mad buzzin chainsaw guitars, lots of 1-2 tempo drums and insane lyrics sung by a rasping voice. dont know what it is with the canadians, but their scene at this time was brilliant. maybe it was some kinda reaction towards their american cousins. they had to prove a point or something. who cares, cause it produced some tip-top and bristol fashion bands. the songs on this here platter to be enjoyed over and over to me are, 'suicide', 'used to be in love', 'i killed mommy' and 'germ attack'. 'i killed mommy' even has a wee misfits touch to it. who can complain about that? 'used to be in love' and 'suicide', wooooah, theyre fucking brilliant songs and really take this lp from being quite mediocre to being quite quite excellent... the backcover i have used here is from the rerelease. its the same as the original, just has 'unrest records' logo on it as the difference. ive searched on the net for weeks trying to find a pic of  the flip cover, alas this was the only one i could find. as im not a millionare, i dont own this record. shame. '' i used to be in love......but not any fucking more.'' outstanding..!!" (we cause havoc where ever we go)
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