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ANDY KERR - Once bitten, twice removed THE TAPE! (Holland, 1998)

Quando recensii quest' opera (cva)  era esclusivamente un downloadable-record, non lo si trovava in nessun altro formato che non i maledetti MP3. Recentemente invece i ragazzi della Masturbation R'N'R hanno chiesto ed ottenuto il permesso di stampare questo capolavoro (perché di questo si parla) su delle deliziose audiocassette blu
 Potevo non accattarmela immediatamente?
Inoltre, all' interno ci sono i testi (spassosissimi) che erano introvabili sul web. Fino ad ora.
Nel file con i rip a 320 Kbps, infatti, trovate tutte le succulenti scansioni.
Grazie Mr. K e grazie Seb

Queste splendide note ci raccontano la storia di OBTR ed un pò di Andy:

"Sometimes around the end of 1981 I found myself getting anxious, frustrated and tired of "band life". Nomeansno had been a remarkable experience for me on a creative and, more importantly, personal level for almost ten years of my life. But increasingly I found myself wanting a change. Or, perhaps, more to the point, to change. So I put in my papers, packed up my bags and crossed over the Big Pond and settled in Amsterdam.
Among the very first things I did in 1992 was purchase a little cassette 4.track recorder, an Alesis SR-16 drum machine and a Martin acoustic guitar. I really had little idea what i was doing and certainly there was no plan to record a collection of songs to be released as a record. If I had a plan it was to have no plan at all. And so, over the course of the next five years or so I ended up to writing a number of songs that eventually made it onto Once Bitten Twice Removed ot the two Hissanol.
Looking back at all my recorded output, I think that Once Bitten Twice Removed sticks out like a sore thumb, in a way. While I tried in some small way in my work in Nomeansno, Hissanol and my latest project with Wilf Plum, Two Pin Din to break with tradition, OBTR's songs are nothing if not traditional.
Long ago, before, as the Minutemen so eloquently put it, "punk rock changed our lives", I listened as a kid to pop music on the radio. Verse-chorus-verse stuff. Melody. Maybe it was a reaction to distance myself as far as a could from what I fad just done in the band, or it could have been an attempt to make more personal, storytelling music I was listening to at the begimmimg of the 90's: Richard Thompson, Loudon Wainwright III, The Vinaigrettes and Tom Holliston.
And you can be sure there's a lot of inspiration from realevents in my own life all over this record. Some I found very funny, others much less so.

At some point I toyed with the idea of putting some of what I'd written and recorded "out there" somehow. Keep in mind this was long before cheap recordarble cd's and digital download services. So I opted for the standard DIY option of the day and I released on cassette. I seem to recall selling a few locally, some more through the mail to intersted folksand I gave bunch to Scott to unload in and around Victoria. At a certain point I think it was posted on th (late, great) Friends of Incentive website. Later it was even avaible on the old website where you could order an actually CD of it!. (...)

But the story's not over. If that wasn't enough this nice fellow Seb from no-guitar-hero-trio Kabu Ki Buddah wrote me, kindly offering to re-release OBTR yet again. This time on, YES IT'S TRUE, CASSETTE! The circle is round. (Roundish, anyway...)

And so there you have it. A bunch of songs that seemed to mysteriously appear at a period in my life when I had abruptly left everything I knew behind and I was trying to figoure out where I was. Spring cleaning in winter indeed"


P.S.: Onestamente non so quante copie ce ne siano ancora o se ce ne siano ancora, ma una mail alla Masturbation non costa niente


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