venerdì 4 giugno 2010

V.A. - Someone's gonna get their head to believe in something (BYO, 1992)

Fusione di 2 importantissime compilations della scena della California del sud targate Better youth organization: "Someone got their head kicked in" del 1982 e "Something to believe in " del 1984. Nitida fotografia di una delle scene più esplosive della storia della musica e di un' etichetta fondamentale del punk. I pezzi degli Adolescents sono tratti dal demo pre-L.P.
Spettacolo allo stato puro


Youth Brigade-Violence
Agression-Intense Energy
Battalion of Saints-Beefmasters
Joneses-Pill Box
Bad Religion-In The Night
Aggression-Dear John Letter
Battalion of Saints-No More Lies
Adolescents-Who's Who
Social Distortion-Mass Hysteria
Joneses-Graveyard Rock
Youth Brigade-Boys In The Brigade
Agression-Rat Race
Adolescents-Wrecking Crew
Youth Brigade-Look In The Mirror
Battalion of Saints-Cops Are Out
Nils-Scrathches & Needles
Rigor Mortis-Silent Scream
Big Boys-History
Youth Brigade-Care
SNFU-Victims Of The Womanizer
Personality Crisis-Piss On You
Channel 3-Indian Summer
7 Seconds-Out of Touch
Stretch Marks-Foreign Policy
Smarties-San Francisco
Hungry For What-The War Goes On
Jr Gone Wild-Tragedy in E
Royal Crown Revue-Hey Pachuco
That's It-Who's Life Is It Anyway?
Youth Brigade-One in Five

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