lunedì 10 gennaio 2011

ALICE DONUT - Bucketfulls of sickness and horror (New York, 1989)

Quando ero sgarzolino ed intransigente avevo una scritta handmade sui jeans che recitava fieramente "GRUNGE IS DEAD". Come è incastonato nella logica delle cose si cresce, ci si evolve e magari si scopre che i Meat puppets sono pazzi quanto geniali e che gli Alice donut sono iconoclasti quanto fenomenali e, più in generale, che la classe vada riconosciuta ovunque.

"Alice Donut should be bigger than they are. They made a lovely, guitar-laden noise, they have funny, twisted lyrics and a social conscience, plus they think Sinead O'Connor is a disappointment. One of those rare albums that's at home at a party or when you're all alone and you want to hear the words. They rip it all up, everything from rednecks to the very rich to preachers to MTV.. About Ms. O'Connor, "I wanna believe but you just make me sneer, 'cause it's the same emotions that they use to sell me beer."
On that note I think 1989 is finally behind us." (San Francisco Sentinel)

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