sabato 22 maggio 2010

PEKINSKA PATKA - Plitka poezija + Bila je tako lijepa 7'' (Jugoslavia, 1980)

"I'm sure that many won't ever listen to this just because of the fact it's in a "weird" language. I know that if you're dumb enough to think so, it'll be hard to reason with you (actually, the fact you're checking a Yugoslavian band page lights some hope) but let me put it like this: around 1979-1980, very few bands, (including Anglo Saxon ones) could come up with such amount of energy. Almost TOO powerful for a pre-HC record and not because it was too fast or heavy, it just rocks more then punks then seemed to be allowed to. The singer sometimes sounds like a demented "Eurovision Contest" wanna be (if you're not European, you probably won't understand... doesn't matter really), and that, set up to original arranged but still rocking punk, that's a compliment. This is what "international" punk bands should strive to sound like: crude, stripped down, overcharged rock'n'roll (i.e. "punk") with your own twist/local music reference to escape the cookie–cutter limbo." Da Kill from the heart

Grandissimi i Pekinska patka!!! Poderimo rock!
Tutto a 320 Kbps





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