martedì 9 marzo 2010

BAGS - All bagged up! (The collected works 1977 - 1980)

Come si fa a non amare gli infamissimi Bags di Los Angeles?

After years (Literally) of hunting, researching, tracking down and finageling, Artifix is proud to present "ALL BAGGED UP...the collected works 1977-1980. This 12" LP represents everything we could dig up by L.A.'s infamous BAGS. Featured on this LP are:
Tracks 1-4: The Dangerhouse Recordings 1978
Survive/Babylonian Gorgon/We Don't Need the English/We Will Bury You

Tracks 5-8: Live at the Masque Recordings 1978
TV Dinner/Violent Girl/Animal Call/Chainsaw

Tracks 9-13: Live in Portland Oregon November 25, 1979
7 and 7 is (Love)/1,2,3/Gluttony/In Love With Romance/Survive

Tracks 14-20: Assorted rehearsals, live, demos, and alternate takes
(All detailed on LP)
Car Hell/Real Emotions/Bag Bondage/We
Will Bury You
Disco's Dead/Prowlers in the Night/Nothing's Going on in Here

Extras: All LP's include a four page insert with liner notes written by Brendan Mullen.

320 Kbps


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