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SHOW BUSINESS GIANTS - Maybe it's just me (Victoria, 1991)

Show businnes giants, ovvero l' hardcore all stars canadese. Sono stati convocati: Tom Holliston,John Wright, Andy Kerr, Rob Wright (Nomeansno), Scott Henderson (Shovelhed), Ford Pier (D.O.A.), Carolym Mark (The Corn Sisters). Jello Biafra compare nei S.B.G. sotto forma di spirito.
Visti i miei postumi di sbronza terrificanti vi rimbalzo la recensione di

They say genius is often misunderstood. For instance, Albert Einstein worked at a patent office until he finally stole the theory of relativity from a Dr. Smith and then ran off with the formulas. Fame naturally followed him, despite slamming God’s head in an oven and stealing the formula for life on earth. The Show Business Giants are very much in the same boat as Einstein, only with somewhat shorter hair and less theft. Maybe It’s Just Me is one of the two relatively easy to find discs by the Giants and is probably the best example of the band at their zany best. But even the most adventurous listeners are advised to give this one awhile to sink in. It’s like calculus. On a whole, it’s a mystifying entity, but if you break down into chapters and digest a little at a time, it makes sense. To a degree. I still haven’t touched calculus since taking it as a freshman in college. In fact, all I ever needed to know was the arithmetic they taught me in grade school. Maybe it’s just me, but I never built a bridge with calculus.

Maybe It’s Just Me is a widely varying release that offers more styles of music than your local Tower Records outlet. The band alternates between crooning, lounging, swinging, rocking, punking and ringing bicycle bells on this CD, never letting one thing stick around for too long. The songs are broken up with some terribly random rants and some guy claiming he is a fly. But most importantly, there are some flat out brilliant songs here: “I am the Yellow Fly”, “Acres of Paper” and “All Night Man”, among others. The ease that the Giants move from one song style to the next is impressive. While this sort of thing may leave fans of formula rock such as AC/DC stuck in Camaros while the Show Biz Giants zip by in their touring van, it is very much worth the effort to get your head around this album.

After taking the time to appreciate this CD and enjoy the width and breadth of the endeavor, one is left with only a single question: what the hell is up with the bicycle bell that shows up in seemingly every song on the album?

Review by John Chedsey

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